Friday, May 16, 2014

Final self portrait

I used unique ideas to draw this. I used my peers as a source of inspiration. I learned new techniques to help draw hair and faces. I gained skill with the pencil. This is intended to say this a drawing of me. This is about me because its my face. I'm examining the issue of my drawing skills and how they need to get better. I picked a pencil which I'm used to using. I didn't try anything new. People at my table helped me understand important information. I responded to challenges while workin by erasing them and trying to draw them again. I analyzed my work at the end. I considered how the hair would work before I tried because it was very difficult for me. I didn't use technology as a tool. Max helped me with inspiration because he is a very good artist.

Skeleton face

I drew my face of this skeleton, I looked at some of my peers work for ideas on how to draw this. I worked on my skill of drawing faces in this piece and gained skill with using my pencil. This artwork is about who I am because it's my face. I'm examining the issues of my drawing skills because I'm not very good. I'm saying I'm drawing a face. Drawin a face was something new I hadn't done before. I used a pencil which was familiar to me. I asked Mrs. Rossi for feedback. I wasn't inspired by anyone. My face started looking bad because it wasn't proportional to the skeleton. I drew a face before this project in preparation. I used my phone as a tool.

Figure Drawing

Proportion and scale is important in figure drawing because the persons motion needs to be shown through their body parts. Figure drawing helped me draw full size drawings of another person, it helped me with proportions. Using the pastel helped me because it flowed on the paper, it was very smooth. It helped my work.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Skeleton Drawing

I looked at a skeleton to draw this. I learned to use my pencil better. This shows the human body and science. Drawing the skeleton was new for me and I knew it would be difficult. Looking at everyone else drawings of te skeletons helped me shape and shade mine. The skull I messed up on and it doesn't look good. When I finished I analyzed my work.