Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A new Vincent Van Gogh landscape

                                        Newly discovered Vincent Van Gogh Painting
                                                             September 24, 2013

          A Van Gogh painting was recently discovered. It was in someone's attic, it had been twice rejected as a Van Gogh and once by the Van Gogh museum. Being reviewed again evidence now suggests the art experts were wrong. The painting was made in 1888 of a Landscape showing a beautiful landscape. A reference has even been found by the artist to the painting of the landscape. It will be on display in Amsterdam from 24 September.

           Vincent Van Gogh was a post impressionist paint we who was Dutch. His work was well known for its rough beauty, emotional honesty and bold color. He had a far reaching influence on 20th Century art. He died from a gunshot wound, most believe he shot himself. He began drawing as a child then grew up and became an artist. In just over a decade he made over 2100 artworks, and in his last two years of life he created his best works including the recently discovered landscape.