Art 1 Final Portfolio


My favorite material to work with this year was clay. I made a whale with clay. The reason clay is my favorite material to use is because i could be very creative with it. Painting the clay work was much different than painting paper. It was very fun to shape and play with. I liked how it was 3D and not just on paper. I made a pinch pot clay piece and then i attached the whales tail to the body. Clay is really fun to work with I might want to take sculpting class.  

This was my least successful artwork. I think it was so unsuccessful because i wasn't very sure how to draw with the contour line technique. I think it looks pretty bad and not very skillful. If i was to redo this project I would come up with a new idea to draw instead of this tree and mountains. I should have drawn something more interesting. I would draw a city skyline i think that would have turn out much better. I would also try better with the contour lines. I feel like i could do much better if i were to redo this project.
My least favorite material to work with was the cardboard. I didn't like it because sometimes the cardboard would not cut well. One time i cut myself working with the cardboard cutters which was not good. The cardboard would also not cut very clean leaving some extra brown parts on the piece which was very annoying. I was also very bad at cutting out some of the pieces. I dealt with working with it because i knew I needed a good grade. I do think it turned out alright which made working with cardboard worth it. It's neat to have a life size cut out of a cardboard koala. 

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