Thursday, December 19, 2013

3D Clay

      I used a clay medium for my project and I based it off a pinch pot. I made a whale based off the vineyard vines whale. I painted it pink and did not glaze it.
Kiln: An oven use to fire clay
Firing clay: To heat up the clay so it becomes glassware
Score and slip: To put cuts in the clay and put wet clay on two edges of a clay piece to make one.


For my perspective piece I used one point perspective. For my process I made two lines that went from one side of the paper to another and that was the street and from there I just added things in. Sorry I couldn't find the picture of my piece.


My favorite linoleum print.

Shadow Art

I used a fake skull, a telephone and string for my shadow art project. We used a sprite bottle as a green filter but then we decided not to use it. We had difficulties hanging the skull from the ceiling. Day 2 turned out much better.

Land Art

Our group came up with the idea of making AHS out of sticks and leaves because we have such school spirit. For this project we used leaves, sticks and grass, we used these materials because they were available to us.

Stenciled Selfie

Non-objective art is art that wouldn't normally be classified as art, it is very unlike most other art pieces. I used it in my project by using just black and white cut-outs o my face.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Contour lines

          I used pencil and paper for my project, I used them because they looked good. My planning was just drawing them in my notebook. I'm proud of the fireworks I drew. If I could redo one thing it would be to just change my second drawings theme.