Tuesday, March 25, 2014

See Through Project

    I got the idea for my bag because I bring my lunch everyday and I also saw a plastic bag drawing, that I thought was really good. I drew some of the objects in my lunch bag. I think I have gotten better with using colored pencils and especially the white color. This art shows my lunch and how I bring it to school everyday. Initially I was worried about the transparency of the bag but I think it now turned out alright. I picked black paper for my background which I don't usually do. Another student drew a plastic bag a long time ago I don't know who it was but that art really inspired me to draw this. When I drew the tile background the color turned out wrong and I have tried to make it work out. Before I started my final I drew a few bags on small extra black paper and then I got it down, before I drew the final. I also used a few images from the internet for examples.

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